"I want to say that from the start Jessee McIntire in the rental office is amazing. From seeing an apartment to the rental process and beyond. He has been very professional, helpful and always follows through on any concerns that I have had thus far. Maintenance has responded in a timely fashion and my apartment is renovated and I love it! So far so good!" February, 2021

"The maintenance guys are the best. Vincent, Dani, and Bjorn you guys are professionals. Thank you!" February, 2021

"Woodvale is a very convenient place to live everything is close by from the buses to the shopping centers to the day car to even the car dealerships I love it there I haven't seen any rats or roaches. the staff and the manager are so understanding. I love how you can pay your rent online. the apartment itself is very spacious and comfortable. I got the feeling of home the first I walked in. I love it here I hope am able to stay there long. thank you." August, 2020 

"I love this apartment, I have a lot of room it's quite, love the parking. The rental office employees make you feel like you are home and a part of the family. I love everything about my apartment, my daughter loves the space in her room." February, 2020 

"I really like the staff at the office the are very understanding, my aunty car was towed, the staff at the office help me to get the car. I gave them thumbs up, thank you guys so much and God bless you all!!!" September, 2019

"I will have a year living at Woodvale Apartments In August. Honestly I have had a great experience so far at Woodvale Apartments. My building is kept cleaned at all times, and I am so happy that my apartment is pest free. My apartment is very spacious with great closet space, and a washer and dryer inside my unit. I love that I have a free fitness center and a nice pool. The staff is always really nice, and willing to help." November, 2018